I’m in need of the answer, in search of the question, in love with being broken-hearted
Days race by faster, it’s a made up lesson and I’m lost before I’ve started
A little white lie, a big black sky, and emptiness open on the dashboard
You feel a lack of self and it’s someone else telling you to try where you failed before

Where does the time go? I don’t know, it’s moving underneath me
Like I’m moving in slow-mo(tion), I reach out though, it passes too quick to see me

Living on the back nine, living out your past life, trying to make a living as an outlaw
But the problem you see, stealing ain’t what it used to be, everyone’s used to it by now
You pack up your gun, make your best run, your thinking isn’t breaking any new ground
But is there such a thing when you watched the rain, wash away everything that you thought you’d found?

I think that this could be the last one, Jimmy why don’t you come and take this last one with me?
I gotta say that it’s good to be home, sometimes I miss you when I’m out there alone
So come around some time, clear your mind, it’s getting harder as the weeks slip away
You can turn on a dime, pass you up blind while you’re waiting for the truth to come your way

Your time will come, if you let it be right, if you let it be right
Your time will come, if you let it be right, if you let it be right