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Dum aave na aave

Ishq aap vi awalla, ohdy kam vi awalley Jidey paish pe jaavey kakh chhad da na palley Love itself is strange and its doings are even stranger Those who it pursues are left worthless Ki dam da bharosa yaar, dam… Continue Reading →

Paar channa de disse kulli yaar di

The Background Sohni Mahiwal is one of the four classical tales of tragic love written by Hashim Sham and is based in 18th century Punjab province of India & Pakistan. Sohni (meaning beautiful) was the daughter of a famous potter… Continue Reading →

Maaye ni maaye main ek shikra yaar

Maye ni maye, main ik shikra yaar banaya Ohde sir te kalgi, ohde pairin chanjhar, o chog chugenda aaya (O my mother, I am in love with a hawk (bird) With plume on his head & bells on his feet,… Continue Reading →

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