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Duniya main itna uljha, khud se main toota hoon
Mujhse hamesha main hi peeche chhoota hoon

Kuch hua hi nahin

Dushman-e-jaan koi bana hi nahin
Itne hum laiq-e-jafa hi nahin

Aazma lo ki dil ko chain aae
Ye na kahna kahin wafa hi nahin

Kaisa dil aur kya gam

Kaisa dil aur us ke kya gam ji
Yun hi bas baatein banate hain hum ji

Us se ab kpi baat kya karna
Khud se bhi baatein karte hain kam ji

Kar liya kya?

Bahut katra rahe ho saqi se
Gunah-e-tarq-e-baada kar liya kya

Yahan ke log kab ke ja chuke
Safar bahut zyada kar liya kya

Wanderlust by AK

Composer: Aljosha KonstantyAlbum: DiscoveryComplete album at : https://music.aljoshakonstanty.com/album/discovery-ep


The beauty of flames lies in their strange play, beyond all proportion and harmony. Their diaphanous flare symbolizes at once grace and tragedy, innocence and despair, sadness and voluptuousness. The burning transcendence has something of the lightness of great purifications…. Continue Reading →

Just say it

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Time Go – Caught a ghost

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The End Credits

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Wo kuchh gahri soch mein

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